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One of the biggest challenges facing parents who are thinking about moving is finding the right school districts for their children. Luckily, I can help you find a home in one of the neighborhoods that will provide your children access to some of the best elementary schools in Dallas, TX. Parents moving to the area will be delighted at the consistently high test scores and teacher quality in the best elementary schools in DFW. There are many amazing communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and parents should know the best local schools as they make their home buying decisions.

Buying a Home Near DFW’s Best Elementary Schools

Many people across the country have moved to Texas in recent years to take advantage of the thriving state economy, relaxed tax structure, and plentiful opportunities to raise their families in comfortable, welcoming, and supportive communities. I think the Dallas-Fort Worth area is one of the best places to settle in Texas, especially for parents of young children. The quality of the public elementary schools in the area is remarkable. I believe the top elementary schools in DFW can provide the ideal stepping stone for a young child’s education. In particular, Carroll County is home to some of the top elementary schools in Dallas, so consider the following top-ranking schools if you are unsure of which neighborhood would be the right place for your family.

Carroll Elementary School

Carroll Elementary School is part of the Carroll ISD and is located on Continental Boulevard in Southlake, Texas. Offering Pre-K and Kindergarten through fourth grade, Carroll Elementary School is one of the top elementary schools in Dallas for several reasons. The school offers a great teacher-to-student ratio, high scores in student reading and math proficiency, and a beautiful campus. The teachers also consistently achieve some of the highest approval ratings of all public elementary school teachers in Texas. Parents are heavily involved with school activities, and newcomers to the Carroll ISD find the staff and other parents of Carroll Elementary School highly supportive and welcoming.

Robert H. Rockenbaugh Elementary School

Another of the best elementary schools in Dallas resides in Carroll County. Robert H. Rockenbaugh Elementary School is not only one of the best elementary schools in DFW but also one of the highest-rated elementary schools in the entire state. Boasting even higher reading and math proficiency scores than Carroll Elementary School, Robert H Rockenbaugh Elementary School offers a stellar early learning experience for preschoolers and students in kindergarten to fourth grade.

Walnut Grove Elementary School

I think lots of parents are going to be interested in moving to the Carroll ISD as the district is home to several of the best elementary schools in Dallas. Walnut Grove Elementary School offers instruction for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Located in Southlake, Texas, parents will enjoy the high engagement level the faculty provides the staff thanks to their low student-to-teacher ratio. Walnut Grove Elementary School also consistently scores among the highest schools in the entire state when it comes to test scores and reading and math proficiency.

Old Union Elementary School

The Old Union Elementary School in Southlake, TX is another top-performing school in the Carroll ISD. The school provides instruction to preschoolers as well as kindergarten through fourth grade. Students at Old Union Elementary School consistently achieve some of the highest reading and math proficiency scores in the state. Local parents praise the quality of instruction and availability of gifted programs and extracurricular activities.

Jenny Preston Elementary School

I’m positive that parents will find plenty to love about the Jenny Preston Elementary School. Located in Allen, TX, within the Carroll ISD, Jenny Preston Elementary School provides preschool education along with kindergarten through sixth grade. Parents consistently rate their children’s teachers exceptionally high, and students at Jenny Preston Elementary School rank among the best in Texas for reading and math scores. If you want your children to go to one of the top elementary schools in Dallas, do not overlook the amazing opportunities that Jenny Preston Elementary School offers.

There is a lot to love about Texas, especially for parents of young children. Dallas elementary school rankings are some of the highest in the state for parents concerned about academic performance. However, high test scores and reading and math proficiency aren’t the only benefits of enrolling your children in elementary schools in Dallas. I’m certain that any family moving to the DFW area will discover an incredibly warm, welcoming, and supportive local community of like-minded parents who put their children’s education first.

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