Texas has seen a massive influx of new residents in recent years. People from all over the U.S. are moving to Texas for the thriving economy, booming job market, fantastic real estate opportunities, and incredible weather. I believe the Dallas-Fort Worth area is one of the best places in the Lonestar State for raising a family or just settling down comfortably in a new life. You can trust the Frankie Arthur team to help you navigate the housing markets in some of the best places to live in DFW.

If you have a family, DFW schools are probably one of your biggest concerns when it comes to buying a new home. I am happy to help you explore the homes for sale in some of the top school districts in DFW.

Buying a Home Near DFW’s Best School Districts

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The Frankie Arthur team provides professional real estate services to homebuyers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and Texas is currently experiencing a surge of new residents moving from other parts of the country. The Dallas suburbs, in particular, are especially popular for families moving to Texas, and I want to help my clients find the best suburbs in Dallas for their needs and goals.

The DFW area enjoys a moderate climate with hot summers and mild winters, and the economy of Texas continues to thrive across multiple sectors. With plenty of job opportunities, a fantastic housing market, and some of the best schools in the country, the suburbs of Dallas are some of the best places to settle down in the Lonestar State.

Buying a Home in One of the…

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I’ve noticed lots of news articles in recent years about the apparent exodus of California residents choosing to move to Texas, and you’ve probably noticed it too. There are several reasons why so many people are moving from California to Texas. If you’re thinking about relocating to Texas from California, you can expect to enjoy several significant benefits.

Why Are Californians Moving to Texas?

While California continues to be an economic powerhouse for the United States, Texas has quickly closed the gap in terms of economic power and may soon become the top state economy in the country. While there are pros and cons of moving from California to Texas, most people who make the move find that the advantages far outweigh any potential drawbacks.…

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At Frankie Arthur, our team is committed to helping homebuyers find new homes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that suit their needs and their budgets. We understand that the housing market can be daunting, especially when you are moving to a new state. The DFW area of Texas has been one of the most popular destinations for new Texas residents, thanks to the welcoming housing market and ample job opportunities in the area. However, it’s essential to understand what you can expect in terms of property tax in DFW.

Buying a Home in DFW

I love living in the DFW area, and I’m sure you will, too. One of the most attractive aspects of moving to Texas is the lack of state-level income tax, but some newcomers to Texas find the property taxes in the state a bit…

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Are you thinking about moving to a nice neighborhood in Dallas? I can help you find the best neighborhoods in Dallas in your budget and assist you with every aspect of the home buying journey. People from all over the United States seem to be moving to Texas in record numbers. You can enjoy everything there is to love about Texas from one of the best Dallas neighborhoods.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is one of the best places to move if you are looking for a strong and supportive local community, great schools, and an incredible quality of life with a very reasonable quality of living. I can help you navigate the DFW housing market and find the best neighborhoods in Dallas for you and your family. I understand that moving to a new neighborhood is a big…

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One of the biggest challenges facing parents who are thinking about moving is finding the right school districts for their children. Luckily, I can help you find a home in one of the neighborhoods that will provide your children access to some of the best elementary schools in Dallas, TX. Parents moving to the area will be delighted at the consistently high test scores and teacher quality in the best elementary schools in DFW. There are many amazing communities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and parents should know the best local schools as they make their home buying decisions.

Buying a Home Near DFW’s Best Elementary Schools

Many people across the country have moved to Texas in recent years to take advantage of the thriving state economy,…

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Over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed a significant number of news articles talking about the droves of people, including many well-known celebrities and businesses, moving to Texas. So, what’s it like living in Texas? Why are so many people investing in new lives in the Lonestar State? If you are considering living in Texas, I have a few things for you to keep in mind to aid your decision. Here’s what I love about living in Texas, and I think you will, too:

  1. Texas has a booming economy. Over the past several years, Texas has posted some of the best job growth numbers in the nation.

  2. The energy industry is one of the biggest economic sectors of Texas. While the oil and gas industries have taken significant hits in the past…

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